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Challenge Complete!

January 31, 2013

On January 4th I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. To complete the challenge I needed to write 31 blog posts in the month of January and comment on at least two other blog posts from other challengers. After being dormant on my blog writing for a while I felt the challenge was the perfect motivation for me to get back in the swing of things. It worked. During this month I posted the following:

  1. It’s That Time Again – New Year, New Business Goals
  2. 5 Must Reads for a New Entrepreneur
  3. Marketing Your New Nonprofit – 3 Must Reads To Help You Get The Word Out
  4. Mark Your Calendar – Important Planning Tips for a New Entrepreneur
  5. Help! I Can’t Afford a Professional Grant-Writer…
  6. 4 Tips to Successful Fundraising
  7. Six Keys to an Effective Grant Proposal
  8. Encourage Yourself – Acknowledging Your Accomplishments
  9. Common Blunders in Business Planning
  10. Tip to Gain Business Leads – Read Local Newspapers
  11. Tip to Manage Your Business Finances – Use Purchase Orders and Sign Checks Personally
  12. Non-Profits Should Prepare a Common Grant Applications
  13. Do You Know the Face of Your Client?
  14. Clarify Your Vision…
  15. If You Don’t Play, You Can’t Win! – Check out Business Plan Competitions
  16. Setting the Price of Your Service – Part 1: Floor Price
  17. Setting the Price of Your Service – Part 2: Ceiling Price
  18. Business Financial Tip: Importance of Opening a Business Checking Account
  19. “I Have a Dream” – How Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Can Inspire You to Start Your Business
  20. Setting the Price of Your Service – Part 3: What About the Competition?
  21. Our small non-profit would like to fundraise-where should we start?
  22. Setting the Price of Your Service – Part 4: My Service Cost
  23. Get Things Done – 10 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs
  24. Help New Entrepreneurs: How Did You Name Your Business?
  25. Sharing Great Content – What Is Your Favorite Curating Site?
  26. I Have Great Business Idea but I’m Not Ready to Take the Plunge – What Can I Do to Prepare Myself?
  27. Financial Basics for Your Nonprofit
  28. Three Tips to Vet Potential Clients
  29. Establishing Strategic Alliances
  30. What Causes You Stress in Running Your Nonprofit?
  31. What Causes You Stress in Running Your Small Business?

The second part of the challenge to read and comment on blog post from other challenges was also enjoyable. I came across some great content that will help me in my business as well as personal inspirational sites. Although the challenge is over I look forward to continuing my momentum of posting more frequently and reading posts from other bloggers. I’m looking forward to participating in the next challenge.

Wishing you productivity and prosperity,


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  1. January 31, 2013 10:55 pm

    Kim, yes the challenge was awesome. Glad you made it too! =)

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